The Ace of Pens is a blog aimed at exploring how analog tools fit into modern digital creativity. I started this project out of a sense of being disconnected from my creative side during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that put my commercial photography business into a total holding pattern for the better part of a year.

I managed to claw myself out of it by going back to the basics. Starting a new pen and paper journal to refocus myself and serve as a dumping ground for all the mental baggage I didn’t want to carry with me day to day. Putting down my phone, not being tied to a computer all day, and actually connecting pen/paper/brain was a game changer for me in helping regain my creative focus and motivation.

This blog will focus on a few things.

• The tools I use in my writing, work, and daily journaling practice.
• Thoughts on writing as a tool to alleviate anxiety and regain focus and self-connectedness in an increasingly digital world.
• The workflows I use in my business, personal, and creative life that incorporate analog tools.
• Product Reviews.
• Recommendations and resources for those interested in re-sparking their creativity without being tethered to a computer 24/7.
• Flights of fancy, rants, and random acts of gratitude depending on the day and my mood.

You can contact me at luke@lukecopping.com


My name is Luke and I’m a commercial and editorial portrait photographer based in Buffalo NY, I’m also obsessed with pens, paper, ink, and all things analog as a direct reaction to working as a creative in an increasingly digital world. The Ace of Pens is a place for me to write about my ever growing obsession with writing instruments, stationary, and using analog tools to make myself a better creative and person.

I grew up in Canada but now live in Buffalo, NY with my wife and kids. We love it here and a lot of my personal work focuses on the creatives and entrepreneurs who are busting their asses to make this Rust Belt city thrive again – and I’m grateful that I get to be a part of telling this story.

I love black licorice, Indian food, scary books, hunting down cool pens, travel, journaling, making pizza, watching Miyazaki films, and taking aimless late night drives with my wife just to listen to music.

I create images for advertising agencies, magazines, and corporate clients across the US and Canada – Making quirky and dramatic portraits of subjects that range from corporate innovators to counterculture rebels is what I’m best at. You can see my photographic work here. I’m one of the co-creators of Project Prescription for Photography — a toolkit of professional photographers’ forms and workflows. I also teach business workshops for creatives across the US and Canada (but I just use it as an excuse to travel around and visit stationary and pen shops)

I’m scared of dolls.

I have the same birthday as Louis Daguerre.