Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta

Are we too quick to blame our tools for things that aren't their fault? Does an inability to perceive our own flaws influence how we form an impression of something? Can we push back and adapt to these issues to grow long-term? I promise you this is still a pen review. But I need to… Continue reading Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta

Clairfontaine Flying Spirit Notebook

While browsing the Vanness website, looking to pick up the green Diplomat Aero I'd had my sights on for a while, I came across the Clairefontaine Flying Spirit line of notebooks. Perhaps because the Diplomat's design had already plated some aviation-inspired seeds in my mind, I was instantly smitten with the style and look of… Continue reading Clairfontaine Flying Spirit Notebook

Pepin Press Art Déco Letter Writing Kit

I took my daughter out a few days ago to buy some new drawing supplies at Hyatt's — our local art store that happens to be a massive warehouse of pretty much any creative tool one might find themselves in need of (they also have a pretty good pen section). While browsing some paper and ink, this… Continue reading Pepin Press Art Déco Letter Writing Kit

Five Inks I’m Going To Use A Lot More In Winter 2021

It's was a long year — and I've been writing a lot: journal entries, lists, letters, ideas, and lots of business and marketing notes for when I can get my photography business going full swing again. But in the weeks before the holidays hit, I felt like I'd fallen into a bit of a rut… Continue reading Five Inks I’m Going To Use A Lot More In Winter 2021