My 2021 Journaling & Notebook System

Every year, in the week between Christmas and the New Year, I schedule several days off to take a sort of personal retreat. I'll usually turn on my auto-responder and go dark for 4-5 days to focus on planning, self-reflection, and getting ready for the year ahead. Part of this retreat is assessing and revising… Continue reading My 2021 Journaling & Notebook System

Why We’re Here — How Pens And Paper Helped Save My Sanity.

The Ace of Pens is a blog aimed at exploring how analog tools fit into modern digital creativity. I started this project out of a sense of being disconnected from my creative side during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that put my commercial photography business into a total holding pattern for the better part of a… Continue reading Why We’re Here — How Pens And Paper Helped Save My Sanity.