Keep Writing – Spring 2021 Playlist

On the photography side of my life I’ve long kept a rotating playlist on Spotify for people to check out what me and the crew at the studio are listening to on a weekly basis. and I’d like to continue to do something like that here. But instead of changing the same playlist up every week I’ve decided to create something a little more in the mood of each season. So every couple months, as the seasons turn, I’ll be sharing a new Ace Of Pens playlist on Spotify.

For my spring selections I’ve again chosen a mostly instrumental playlist — but this time with a little more energy and impact.

You can listen HERE or by using the Spotify Code Below.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Run Program: Sentionauts – Sinoia Caves
2. Flim – Aphex Twin
3. Flight of the Navigator – Pilotpriest
4. Explorer – Arcis
5. Los Santos City Map – Tangerine Dream
7. In the Speed of Light – Fury Weekend
8. Pillars of Dawn – Zombi
9. No Survivors – Makeup and Vanity Set
10. Consequences – Outsidr
11. Quietly Into The Night – Dance With the Dead
12. Utopian Facade – John Carpenter
13. Shadows – Pastel Ghost
14. When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies – Gunship

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