Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In March 2021

I love the different cutaway shapes on the sections of these vintage Montblanc pens.

Favorite Traveler’s Notebook Accessories (via The Gentleman Stationer)

Adobe Photoshop’s ‘Super Resolution’ Made my Jaw Hit The Floor. (via Peta Pixel)

The Absolute Best Way to Boil Eggs According to So Many Tests (via Food 52)

The Best Fountain Pen in the World (via Douglas Rathburn)

This Must Be The Place : On the Transcendent Refuge of the Musical Past (via Lit Hub)

Traveler’s Notebook New B-Sides & Rarities Sneak Peek (via Yoseka Stationary)

This Drone Footage Shows a Reindeer Cyclone in All Its Glory (via Design Boom)

Vintage Indian Ebonite – Isn’t It Time We Celebrated Our Legacy? (via Inked Happiness)

Musubi Cosmo Air Light 83 Notebook Review (via The Pen Addict)

I’m So Excited by the Possibility of a Knives Out 2 & 3! (via Screen Rant)

Some Thoughts on Copying Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (via Fountain Pen Blog)

What I’ve been reading

Winter’s Tide – Ruthanna Emrys

These Lifeless Things – Premee Mohamed

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

What I’ve been listening to

UNKLE – Rōnin I

Joe Hisaishi – Dream Songs: The Essential Joe Hisaishi

Mad Season – Above

Burlap and Barrel’s Spring 2021 Playlist

The Tokyo Inklings Podcast (I’m late to the game on this podcast and have been binging episodes the last two weeks)

LPN Deep Dives: Dune (A very NSFW look at one of my favorite book series by Henry Zabrowski and Holden McNeely)

What I’ve been eating

My wife bought a meal kit from Xi’an Famous Foods since I haven’t been able to travel much this past year and I miss so many of my favorite NYC takeout spots. I been addicted to their Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles for many years now. This was one of the best meal kits I’ve ever tried.

Anson Mills Sea Island Red Peas and Carolina Gold Rice has been a staple meal for us this month as we are focusing on eating more fish and vegetarian meals and a little less meat each week.

In case you missed it

I launched three new stories this month on my photography blog: A look at my pre-pandemic trip to Havana Cuba, a portrait series on community boxing club Bomb Squad Boxing, and series of images on the team behind Waxlight Bar A Vin.

I learned a lesson in patience and calm trying out a new nib grind for the first time with the Fanklin-Christoph S.I.G

I made my first custom paper pad orders from Blank Slate Paper Co.

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