Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In February 2021

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner — time to break out the green pens.

James Baldwin on The Impossible Cool

As someone who loves discovering new music — I’ve been really inspired by the weekly roundup of albums that Brad from Pen Addict has been sharing on Instagram. I’ve even started keeping a similar journal of what artists and albums I’m listening to each week.

I’ve been intrigued with the new release of the Parker 51 for the past few months. I actually like re-issues/homages to past products in a general sense but the opinions around this pen have been super polarizing. Until I have a chance to actually get my hands on one, I think that this review from Penquisition does an excellent job of giving you the pros and cons of this pen without comparing it to the original model — which seems to be everyone’s preoccupation right now.

The winning images of the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

The Gentleman Stationer has a great tutorial on how to secure multiple inserts and accessories in a Traveler’s Notebook

Lessons in sustainable living from a 100 year old Japanese farm house.

Just what is the Canadian butter crisis, exactly? Food52 shares some background.

With their announcement that they are hanging up the helmets, one question is left — What does Daft Punk leave behind?

Glitch Portrait Paintings by Joshua Davison.

What can a well thought out system of pictograms and signage accomplish? I’m fascinated by the simple and effective communication allowed by the Experience Japan Pictograms project to help tourists in Japan.

I’ve been really happy with my single Ranga pen (a broad nibbed, ebonite Monterey) so far. I’m really intrigued by the manufacturers and craftspeople making pens out of India right now, and will likely be buying another Ranga or a Magna Carta in the near future. The BBC just did a feature on the rise of Indian fountain pen makers that is worth checking out.

The 50 best contemporary novels under 200 pages — for those who need a quick read or taking a short trip who want some literary company.

What, exactly, is Ebonite? And why would you make a fountain pen from it?

David Lynch on his daily routine.

The psychedelic drawings of Daniel Johnston

Everyone is raving about the feta pasta craze — but have you tried it with chickpeas instead? Since I bake bread at home a couple days a week, this recipe mixed with some fresh from the oven bread has become our go to quick dinner.

Social Distancing Distortion, a playlist curated by the National’s Matt Berninger, has become my crucial all-day playlist the past few weeks. Perfect for when I don’t want to intentionally put a specific album on or just want to work through a great mix.

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