Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In January 2021

Oxford Pennant "work hard at work worth doing" wool pennant made in Buffalo NY
From Oxford Pennant

Let’s be honest, I don’t post often enough to warrant a weekly link roundup (yet), but I still track the media and links that have been inspiring me to share with friends (a holderover from when I used to post five times a week on my photography blog). So my plan is to hit you with one big ole’ haymaker of a link and inspiration roundup at the end of every month — a compilation of the articles, images, sounds, and tastes that have sparked something in me that month.

The Classics

Some things never go out of style. These aren’t new links, but ones that I have found that I come back to over and over again throughout the years that I’ve been meditating on lately.

An Invocation for Beginnings by Ze Frank — Listening to this never ceases to get me off my ass and working on whatever I really need to be doing with my time.

This article broke my brain when I first read it two years ago and really helped me to dissect and form my own thoughts on the difference between technique and creativity, embracing an amateur mindset, deciding when to pick my tools up & put them down, and learning to love the rough spots. — The Paralysis of Perfection

Rules are bullshit — What Youth on Frank Ockenfels III

The Impossible Cool — continuing to be one of the single most inspiring collections of photographic portraits on the web. I could (and have) scrolled this site for hours.

New Stuff

Take a dive into the typography of one of my favorite albums – Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Oregon — you’re giving me some Studio Ghibli Goosebumps and a serious itch to come visit you with tourism videos like this and this.

I’ve been spending a lot of my work time binging No Dogs in Space. Loving Marcus Park’s and Caroline Hidalgo’s takes on some of these bands. The Episodes on The Cramps and Suicide are especially good so far. This is my favorite current music podcast.

Finding Time for Creativity will Give You Respite from Your Worries — This has never been truer for me than it has been during the last year (especially when I let my creative practice fracture and nearly had a really bad crisis of identity about it).

Last month a friend of mine put out a question on Facebook “What are the saddest tracks ever recorded?” Well, a bunch of us gave our answers and another friend of hers turned it into this playlist. There’s some obvious ones in here, some I never thought of as sad myself, and a few that ripped my heart out the first time I listened to them. My contribution was Steve Earle’s “Ft. Worth Blues”

This collection of 80’s cassette tape art is giving me a burning case of nostalgia.

I’ve gotten hooked on buying my spices from Burlap And Barrel — everything is so damn good and makes me so excited to be spending so time cooking again. I Highly recommend the Black Urfa Chilé and their Za’atar

Speaking of Burlap and Barrel — They have some pretty good taste in music. Their most recent playlist has become my family’s cooking and dinnertime soundtrack.

I’m an enormous fan of Oxford Pennant (I’ve got one hanging above my desk right now!), and I’m so happy to see Dave and Brett listed among Apartment Therapy’s Design Changemakers for 2021.

Why Perfectionism is dangerous for creatives.

Unless I’m on set, I work from home most days, and it can get a little noisy sometimes. I think once things get a little more back to normal I need to find myself a retreat like this one shared via -— From the Pen Cup. There’s an old Kirkbride hospital at the end of my street that has been converted into a hotel in recent years. And I think it will be high on my list of places to go for a change of scenery in the future.

What is it like to live as a digital nomad during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Have you seen the trailer for Godzilla Vs. Kong yet? Maybe its just the kaiju obsessed action movie fan teenager of my youth talking but — Heck Yeah! I’ve been in need of a good popcorn muncher and this has actually got me excited for a movie again.

The last year has shown me time and time again how small changes can make big differences. Here are 20 micro-habits that you can start with little to no effort than can have big impacts on your day to day life. I’m still working on # 20.

My friend Kelly just shared with me her recent most obsession — the grandmothers of the world have taken to youtube and are sharing their family recipes! I had no idea this was a thing, but I am so, so, glad it’s a thing. Check out a few of them here, here, here, and here.

Covid boredom have you yearning for some culture? Here’s a list of twelve months worth of virtual museum tours to entertain yourself with.

The newest NPR Tiny Desk (home) Concert is so good — Lous and the Yakuza. I am definitely obsessed with the sound of this right now.

There’s a new blue pigment in town — the first one in two centuries — and it’s name is YInMn

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