Keep Writing – A Seasonal Playlist

On the photography side of my life I’ve long kept a rotating playlist on Spotify for people to check out what me and the crew at the studio are listening to on a weekly basis. and I’d like to continue to do something like that here. But instead of changing the same playlist up every week I’ve decided to create something a little more in the mood of each season. So every couple months, as the seasons turn, I’ll be sharing a new Ace Of Pens playlist on Spotify.

These playlists will be aimed at sharing the music that I am listening to during my writing, journaling, and relaxing time. Stuff you can sit down and write a few pages to while you drink your coffee (or something stronger if you are a responsible adult and it is after 10:00 AM — unless its a Mimosa or Bloody Mary, brunch drinks are ok any time of day).

For my winter selections I’ve chosen a predominantly instrumental playlist — mostly chill ambient stuff with a smattering of darker David Lynch soundtrack inspired noir jazz and a few brighter treats thrown in. It’s about an hour of music to give you some ambiance and background while you write, create, or relax.

You can listen HERE or by using the Spotify Code Below.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Weightless Part 1 – Marconi Union
2. Aeriform – Hilyard
3. Under Giant Trees – Agnes Obel
4. Constant Fear – Bohren & Der Club of Gore
5. Dance of the Dream Man – Angelo Badalamenti
6. Gumshoe Blues – Paul Pritchard
7. Difference Engine – Black Chamber
8. L.A. Noire Main Theme – Andrew Hale
9. Sand in Lungs – Heroin and Your Veins
10. Ryuhyo – Ernaldo Bernocchi
11. White Noise – Akira Yamaoka
12. Parallel Universes – Daniel Olsén
13. A Walk – Tycho

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